Blog Post 1: DUE Friday, September 12

Examine the NASA: Global Climate Change site by clicking this link.

For your first blog post, find:

1) Something interesting about this site.

2) Something that you question about this site.

Remember to use complete sentences and correct punctuation. Write as if you are writing a paper, not writing a text. Your response can be as long or as short as you feel is necessary.

You may not post the same response as someone else so be sure to review your classmates’ posts.


15 responses to “Blog Post 1: DUE Friday, September 12

  1. 1. The first thing I found interesting was that is had data on Land Ice, Global Temperature, Sea Level, Carbon Dioxide rates at top of the site. Showing either it increasing or decreasing over the past decade or year.

    2. While looking around at the data, I wondered, how often they update this information or how often they add more information?

  2. 1. Something I found interesting about this website was its images of change. I thought it was awesome how they could capture in images the change of pollution.

    2. While looking these images, I wondered how they were able to capure the change of pollution in pictures. How was the amount of air pollution in the northeastern part of the United States reduced from 2005 to 2011?

  3. 1.What I found interesting about the site was that everything was nice and organize. Also it was easy to find stuff and evidence about a subject.And how it had more then one way to explain on how they now it’s right.
    2.One thing I wonder is how they made sure the correct reasoning?

  4. The first thing I noticed was right away how we get a large amount of energy from ocean waves. Ocean waves hold large amounts of energy ( non-polluting electricity.) Ocean wave energy will soon be a large energy source for us. Also, scientists determine changes in earth (such as gcc) through machines out in space.

    I wondered how long it would take to develop a new energy source if these global climate conflicts keep up.
    What other machinery can be used to see changes in the earth?
    Does how much the earth’s temperature change affect ocean wave energy?

    • I agree. I believe oceanic waves hold a massive amount of potential energy that can be used as kinetic. I do remember, however, reading that hydroelectric energy does leave waste pollution in dams. So I would want to know whether the same results would apply to this method of energy.

  5. Marianna Aspuria

    1. While browsing the NASA : Global Climate Change website, I found it very interesting how they had a graph that illustrated carbon dioxide concentration. As I observed the graph, I noticed the numbers in parts per million increasing. I found it surprising at how much carbon dioxide has accumulated over the years, and this past July (2014) carbon dioxide levels were 398.54 ppm!
    2. I had seen that NASA has pages specifically for Meteorologists and Educators, this made me wonder if they will put information up for anyone like students on how to help prevent global climate change?

  6. 1. One thing I found interesting about the website was all the images that it provided and how detailed every single image was. Every article was also very elaborate and gave tons of statistics that can be helpful when it comes to our science projects.

    2. A question I have is How often is the website updated? (in order to make it accurate)

  7. 1)The thing I found interesting about this articles is the information they provide and how much they tell you about the places they are talking about in them.

    2) how often is the information in this articles updated to what is currently going on?

  8. What i found interesting about this site was that everything was very well organized and that it listed many things that could cause climate change and it also has many visuals that someone could look into as a back up resource.
    Some things that i have questions about is that how could this website be helpful to us in the future? How often do they post recent news that has happened ?

  9. The website as a whole was interesting. Something that really stood out to me, though, was how they had graphs and all these images with important and accurate information.
    I would like to know more about it. For example, how accurate is this really? And are they telling us everything we need to know?

  10. 1)The thing I found interesting was the information it had under the science in news. It had all the topics like about Climate, Global climate, Science, and Eco watch. I like that it also gives you the information to the website. It is also organized makes find the information easier. It has all the information we need.
    2) How accurate is the information from this?

  11. What i found interesting that its very organized and its easy to find things it’s all the information that we need

    But it’s this very accurate?

  12. What I found interesting about this website is the amount of information about science. I also like how organized it is very helpfull.

  13. 1.The first thing that I found that was interesting was that it states the
    statics on sea ice, carbon dioxide,sea level,global tempature, and land ice.
    2.Does it answer any questions by giving an email to the viewers to respond?

  14. Under the position the information was given I find the images reliable to the text because it provides interesting information.