Blog Post 2: DUE Friday, September 26

Climate change and topics related to this issue are a big part of our daily news. For example, on Tuesday September 23rd, the United Nations held a Climate Change Summit at their headquarters in New York City (  Additionally, major protests demanding urgent action on climate change are occurring around the world ( 
For your second blog post, you will post a LINK to a CURRENT EVENTS news article related to global climate change. Your post should include:
1) The TITLE of the article and date of publication. 
2) The LINK or WEB ADDRESS for the article.
3) A brief SUMMARY (2-3) sentences that states WHY you chose this article and HOW it relates to global climate change. 
To help you with your research, review the links posted on the SCIENCE IN THE NEWS page at the top of this blog. If you find an article from an alternate source and it fits the criteria for this assignment, please post it. Use your best judgement.

17 responses to “Blog Post 2: DUE Friday, September 26

  1. 1. Geoengineering plan could have ‘unintended’ side effect
    3.The article was about scientist trying to help control global climate and making it worse. They thought by using reflective particles named aresols and have them reflect solar radiation away from the earth. But it wouldn’t help instead it will decrease rain fall in some countries like Africa and South America. Due to the fact that the aersols will not allow the air to move fast enough to start rainfalls and it will reduce the surface precipitation.I chose it because i thought the way scientist are trying to fix can affect the earth negatively, like their is one positive and down side about trying to fix the global climate.

  2. Australia endures hottest year on record.
    Friday January 3, 2014
    I chose this article because 2013 was the hottest year for Australia ever since 1910 when they first started keeping records. It had the longest and warmest heatwaves that it even caused destructive fires. This article relates to global climate change because in the text it states “‘Studies have already shown that the risk of summers like 2013 occurring have increased by up to five-fold, because of human induced climate change.'” We are causing these temperatures to rise and last even longer for the upcoming summers.

  3. I chose this article because it’s saying china is the one making the most green house gasses but they also trying to help with the global climate change

    • Lamar – What is the name of the article? When was it published? Can you please include this information?

    • I chose this article because it talks about how other countries contribute to climate change. I also chose it because it is directly related to climate change due to china not wanting to spend any money to repair the ozone layer. How I intended to make this a question is, how much energy is China really spending?

  4. As a New Movement in Earth’s Seasonal Symphony Begins, Climate Change in the Arctic Keeps up its Brisk Tempo

    I chose this article because it focused particularly on the are of the globe that has been most impacted by GCC, the arctic. This article also gave numerical quantity/ statistics and provided a graph which demonstrated the volume that ice sheets are losing in the arctic. This article encompasses both the albedo effect and energy insulation and explains vividly how these two phenomenon result in the warming of the earth’s surface and waters.

  5. Flooding Risk From Climate Change, Country by Country

    I chose this article because it talks about how flooding is causing damage due to climate change and it has to do with global climate change because almost all the ice is melting which might be causing it to be raining more often causing damage to other countries. It talks about how it rain in other place and the percentages of it.

  6. Climate Change Gets Graphic in 2050 Weather Forecasts
    September 24, 2014 02:51pm ET
    I chose this article because it talks about how scientists predict the weather changing in the year 2050. They predicting how the warming planet may lead to heavy rainfall and droughts. This reminded me and it’s what we talked about in our ocean presentation. We mentioned how the sea temperature affects land by causing heaving rainfall in the U.S and droughts in other parts of the world. This article is basically climate change, so it relates to it by getting into what scientists predict in a couple years from now.

  7. Actions on Climate Change Bring better health, study says.
    Monday, September 22, 2014

    The reason I chose this article is because from prior knowledge of the causes of global climate change, I can infer that if it was possible to reduce the causes then health for humans and animals should improve. I thought the title of this article was obvious, so I wanted to know what they had to say. This article is related to global climate change because they mentioned how hot days will increase because of GCC. Hotter days can effect us in a negative way.


    I chose this article because it talks about one of our most noticeable forms of GCC. (Global warming)
    Global warming is a huge problem right now, due to the drastic effects it’s having on the ice caps. Humans are one of the main reasons why global warming is increasing so rapidly.

    “Scientists who assess the planet’s health see indisputable evidence that Earth has been getting warmer, in some cases rapidly. Most believe that human activity, in particular the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, have influenced this warming trend.”

    Global warming will have major effects on our sea level rises, which will cause flooding & affect ocean/artic life.

  9. Obama says “we have to do more” on climate change. So what would that entail?
    by Brad Plumer on September 23, 2014, 2:40 p.m

    I picked this article because it talks about how much America has reduced greenhouse gases so far and what the president plans to do to continue this and plans to cut emissions by 17% by 2020. And how there is still much more to do. I found it interesting.

  10. I choose this article because its says china that its trying to help the global change and its making the most green house gases or something like that I think this was published Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014

  11. 19th century chronicles offer clues to mystery volcano
    BY BETH MOLE 10:00AM, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014
    I chose this article this article because it talks about the prediction of a volcanic eruption being discovered. This volcanic eruption was the cause of extreme cold that put out different chemicals in the air and a hazy sky.

  12. Geoengineering plan could have ‘unintended’ side effect

    Runaway climate change could cut rainfall in the tropics by 30%. This could have a big impact on rainforest in South America and asia. Reflective particles called aerosols to will use to reflect solar radiation away from the earth,this is one of the plans.

  13. 1.Historic Climate Summit Opens New Chapter in Global Efforts to Tackle Climate Change
    25 September 2014

  14. 1.Climate Change Moves The Doomsday Clock (January 22, 2015)
    3. This article is about how Climate change is really taking a toll on our Earth’s system from our activity which brings us closer to “Doomsday”. Major impact can start if we don’t compromise and come up with a solution before it is too late. I chose this article for the reason being that the title itself was interesting. This relates to global warming because changes are happening due to a large part coming from our activity here on Earth with how much fossil fuel we burn and all the emissions we let out causing an imbalance in the Earths global budget. A beginning to our extinction can be coming from our own hands yet many don’t seem to realize.

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