Blog Post 3: Due Friday, October 10th

Choose 1 of the 2 following options below for your blog post:


Review your classmates’ posts for Blog 2 and the articles they chose. Choose one article to read and comment on that is related to a topic you are interested in researching for for your independent science fair project.

Make sure to reply to that specific post when you write your comments. Your post should include:

A brief summary (2 – 3 sentences) regarding why you chose this article, how it is connected to global climate change, and how you will might create a testable question to investigate the topic.



Post a link to a new current event news article related to global climate change that is related to a topic you are interested in researching for your independent research project.

Your post should include:

1) The title of the article and date of publication

2) The link or web address for the article

3) A brief summary (2 – 3 sentences) regarding why you chose this article, how it is connected to global climate change, and how you will might create a testable question to investigate the topic.


12 responses to “Blog Post 3: Due Friday, October 10th

  1. Sea-level rise: What the experts expect
    November 23rd, 2013 by stefan

    I chose this article because it talks about sea levels rising in the future. Experts give their opinions on how much the sea levels will rise. They believe sea levels will rise as much as 40-60 cm in this century and 60-100 cm by the year 2300. This is connected to global climate change because when temperatures increase drastically, glaciers begin to melt and will cause sea levels to rise. A testable question might be: How will an increase in sea levels affect the harvest of mollusks?

  2. 1. Climate change alters the ecological impacts of seasons. Published Oct. 9,2014
    3. I chose this article because it seemed intrrsting. It connects to climate change in many different way in the artile the author mostly talks about if the climate becomes tropical zone it will affect our crops and cause the food not to be grown right. Also how the temperature continues it will have a negative affect on all the humans on their earth with the lack of food growing.

  3. 1.Why our environmental obsession with plastic bags makes no sense, October 4, 2014.
    3.I picked this article because it’s about something that I thought would affect many people, but it challenges the idea that taking away plastic bags would help the climate change. This article goes on about taking away plastic bags won’t have a much impact in helping decrease global warming. This is something I would like to search more about. How much does our waste affect the earth? From the energy used to make the products to our home to our garbage or environment?

  4. Mangroves protecting corals from climate change
    Date published: October 8, 2014

    I chose this article because I was very interested as to how coral reefs & mangroves interconnect with such an idea. This article talks about how mangroves protect the coral reefs from threats such as warming ocean temperatures, solar radiation and increased ocean acidification. Animals tend to survive by adapting to their surroundings. (In this case, GCC) According to the article, “Organims throughout the world are threatened as climate and other conditions change. If they can find ways to adapt, as it appears these coral have, they can continue to survive…..” The coral reef have done so by continuing their habitat near the mangroves. One question I have is, how do species come to adapt to such conditions & how are they instincts interconnected b with their surroundings?

  5. 1.) Title : Climate Change May Affect Butterfly Flight Season
    Published: November 22. 2013 by Alison Winter
    3.) I chose this article because it is relevant to the testable question I posed. My testable question is, “How does temperature change afftect the metamorphosis development?”. The article contains brief background information about how climate changes can effect the butterflies flight time. In the article, it states, “with warmer temperatures butterflies emerge earlier in the year..” This information is knowledgeable because it can be a reference to how I would want to conduct the experiment for my testable question.

  6. Ocean warming in Southern Hemisphere underestimated, scientists suggest – Oct 4th 2014
    I chose this article because it talks about how the ocean temperature on how is hot and has its heat storage. Most of the heat is associated with global warming in the ocean. Question can be how it is affecting how does heat storage get saved.

  7. 1) Climate Impacts Human Health
    September 9th, 2013
    3) I chose this article because right now, we are learning about climate change. We’re learning about all the impacts that climate change has on the earth and how it affects different organisms and cycles, such as animals, plant life, water cycles, etc.. I thought it would be interesting to go more in depth about how it can affect us, humans. Looking more into my article, I actually found it surprising how many changes can affect us.
    Question : Will climate change keep affecting us as humans? Or will we adapt at some point?

  8. Antarctic sea ice reaches new record maximum
    By: Kate Ramsayer
    October 9,2014

    I chose this article because I knew from previous research that the rising sea level is an important and alarming event. So,I,wanted to learn more. The article basically talks about how the sea level is still increasing and is getting worse over the course of the years. Up until recently where it has reached a record breaking level and is higher than,it should be.

  9. i wonder if this will affect us during the time what would change because of this. its the economic will go down. it caught my attention and i will like to know more about this too. its interesting how the levels are rising up over the time.

  10. Christian Gonzalez

    i liked the antartic sea ice article
    I choose this article because it caught my attention and It seemed interesting. this article talks about sea level and how it continues to increase and how worse it gets over the years.

  11. i chose this article because it caught my attention. This article caught my attention because we just had a recent visit of MS neidts former college classmate and she talk about the artic and how s he goes during the summer to study the ice and the temperature in the past decades and centuries by looking at the ice

  12. Emilio Gallegos

    1.Climate change bringing in unusual marine wildlife (January 7, 2015)
    3.The reason why I chose this article is because i found the title along with the picture interesting. Recently the weather has been on weird patterns and I believe it has alot to do with climate change. While climate change changes our Earths features this is also something else that is affected by our activity that in turn turns into global warming. Species are starting to evolve from the shifts that we are causing. Soon enough the flowers,grass, and trees won’t even look the same no more and it’s astonishing to believe. From this article a testable question to be made can be, Does climate change really affect our forms of life here on Earth?

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