Blog Post 4: Due FRIDAY October 24th

Post the following information related to your independent research topic:

1) Your TOPIC and the Earth sphere that it is related to.

2) Your TESTABLE question. It should include both the DEPENDENT and INDEPENDENT variables (DV and IV).

3) Your HYPOTHESIS. It should also include the DV and IV and be an If…. then… statement.

4) Your proposed Experimental Procedure OR the link to an online data analysis program OR two sources that you could possibly gather data from and analyze.


17 responses to “Blog Post 4: Due FRIDAY October 24th

  1. My topic on the science fair is about the biosphere it’s what effects is the climate doing to the bog turtle species and I think this will help save them if we help change the environment

  2. 1. My topic is about the West Nile Virus relates to the biosphere.
    2.How does temperature impact mosquito populations leading to a rise in West Nile Virus incidences across the US?
    3.When the temperature increases in the U.S than the amount of mosquito infecting humans will increase with the West Nile Virus.

  3. Marianna Aspuria

    1. My topic is Mental Health which is related to the Biosphere.
    2. My testable questions is, “How does articles of global climate change affect depression? (IV : GCC articles, DV: Depression)
    3. If articles on global climate change increases over time then the amount of people being diagnosed as well as severity of depression will increase.
    4. I haven’t finished completing my purpose statement but this is what I have this far.
    In the “Climate Change and Mental Health” website article, scientists as well as mental health professionals are attempting to address the problem of mental health by investigating mental health illnesses specifically depression and climate change increasing over time. This research may be beneficial because I am investigating the amounts of climate change in past to present day articles that has affected depression. . .”
    A website I can gather information from is and

  4. 1.My topic is about mollusks and it is related to the biosphere.
    2. How does a change in acidic seawater affect the growth of mollusks?
    3. If the acidity in seawater increases then the rate of mollusk growth decreases.

  5. How acidification affects the coral reef
    how can acidification affect the coral reef growth?
    In: acidification
    De: growth
    The more acidification the less coral reef

  6. Topic: green roofs
    Testable question: how does green roofs affect the temperature and other living things.
    Hypothesis: I think it changeds the temperature because of how the plants use energy from the atmosphere.

  7. How does greenhouse effect (average local temperature) based on industrial practices?
    I predict that the higher the greenhouse effect is, the higher the temperature will be based on those major factories in that city.
    Iv: the green house gas
    Dv: average temperature in the selected cities. (LA, Chicago, Sydney. )

  8. My topic are Server Hurricanes, its with the atmosphere.
    Testable Question: How has the change of ocean surface temperature affect the impact of an hurricanes?
    My variables is ocean surface temperature and hurricanes speed.
    I predict that as the ocean surface temperature rises than there are more stronger hurricanes.
    Iv: ocean surface temperature
    Dv: hurricane speed

  9. (Topic,Earth sphere,Testable Question) My topic is about how temperature can influence the growth in E-coli. This is related to biosphere. (hypothesis) If the climate is at a certain temperature, then it can influence the growth in E-coli. (experimental Procedure)

  10. My topic is Floods and Climate Change and it relates to the hydrosphere.
    My testable question is: How do changes in climate affect floods?
    My Hypothesis is: If climate constantly changes, then the amount of floods that occur will increase.

  11. Christian Gonzalez

    my topic is climate change and asthma.
    testable question: how does air pressure effect asthma?
    my variables are climate and asthma.
    I predict that air pressure has some sort of effect on people with asthma, the effect might be lack of breathe.
    Iv: Air pressure
    Dv: asthma

  12. my topic is co evolution and climate change
    testable Q- does the temperature affect the agricultural yield Illinois
    variables independent – Temperature
    Dependent- Agricultural yield
    i predict that the temperature will affect the agricultural in some way

  13. 1. I have chosen to study Lyme Disease, which is part of the Biosphere(human health). 2. My testable question is: How does the temperature of Wisconsin impact the population deer ticks (causing more incidents of Lyme Disease). 3. If Lyme disease increased in the past 9 years then the temperature has increased.

  14. 1.) Sea level rise and population change (biosphere,hydrosphere)

    2.) How will sea level rise affect human population in the east coast/Midwest regions?

    3.) if sea level rise continues over the course of time, human population in the east coast will decrease while population in the Midwest will increase.

    4.) hands-on experimental model showing possible mechanical engineering solutions using

  15. Angeles Garcia
    Topic-I have chosen to study Growing seasons( agricultural yield)
    Testable Question : How does The climate change in Illinois effect the Agricultural yield?
    My variables
    Independent= Temperature(Climate)
    Dependent=Agricultural Yield ( per unit)
    Hypothesis: If the temperature increases then the agricultural yield decreases.

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