Blog Post 6: Due FRIDAY, February 6th

Choose ONE of the following articles to read and respond to:

1. Inside the Senate’s big vote on whether climate change is real

2. World has not woken up to water crisis caused by climate change: IPCC head

3. Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Curbing Climate Change

Your post should include:

  • the title of the article
  • a brief summary of the article
  • your initial reaction to the article
  • your opinion about the credibility of the article based on article source and citations of data presented

12 responses to “Blog Post 6: Due FRIDAY, February 6th

  1. •Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Climate Change
    • The purpose of this article was to express that the expanding populations is one of the key components to climate change. The Thomas Reuter Foundation has suggested that representing birth control all over the world might be a huge help to “curbing” climate change. Laurie Goering exphasizes that family planning and development aid should be an issue pressed upon globally.
    • Although, Goering solely implied that the both control method was not a stride toward population control, in my opinion, that is what they initially want. I was shocked at this subject coming up. I agree that growing populations might be an additional harmful factor of climate change, but I’m surprised there are actual methods trying to prevent it. I was a little confused because Goerging used the term “they” multiple times, but who exactly is “they”? The Thomas Reuter Foundation? Or the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population?
    • While reading this article, I thought the content was credible. But as I read on, I thought I saw a grammar mistake. I wanted to check if Laurie Goerging was correct on one of the facts she wrote, but when I tried to look for the references , their were none. Throughout the whole article there are multiple individuals being quoted but no evidence that they said this. I would assume that this article isn’t as credible as it seems.

  2. Title of article:
    Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Curbing Climate Change
    Brief Summary:
    The reason of this article was to reveal the population expansions going on. Population expansions is actually the element to climate change. Their is a foundation called Thomas Reuter foundation who actually deputized the term of birth control around the world because they see it as if by doing this they believe they are helping “curb” the climate change in the world. In the article it mentioned about how growing populations can be damaging the climate change within ones environment. This is actually an interesting yet boring article but i learned something out of it.

    I wasn’t really all that interested in this article , but i was just a little bit. I stayed engaged to my article . I was just a bit dispirited because i thought it was actually going to be more interesting.

    I think that this article can use a bit more of evidence. There shouldnt be no such things as people getting quoted if you can explain it such as using evidence. I think that they should learn how to do that using things such as main ideas, quotes and using links a & b to explain their quote and what does it show .

  3. World has not woken up to water crisis caused by climate change: IPCC head

    Water scarcity is resulting lead to major conflicts between communities and nations as climate change is rapidly a growing conflict. People don’t seem to realize the future hazardous effects that this dilemma will bring to future countries, such as India, & our world in general. Effects we are noticing are more frequent floods and droughts caused by climate change, pollution of rivers and lakes, urbanization, over-extraction of ground water and expanding populations, which will result in serious water shortages.

    I believe global warming is a serious issue & people need to realize the conflict it’s having on our water supply & planet.

    The credibility is pretty persuading since we see numerical data. For example, “The latest report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts a rise in global temperature of between 0.3 and 4.8 degrees Celsius (0.5 to 8.6 Fahrenheit) by the late 21st century.”

  4. 1. Inside the Senate’s big vote on whether climate change is real
    2. This article talked about the recent meeting discussing about climate change being real or not. Inhofe, a senate member, voted yes. He believes that climate has always been changing and think people should vote yes. Many people argue that there is not enough evidence to prove if it is real. They is uprising argument with democrats and republicans about this.
    3.While reading the article I honestly kept laughing to think that people don’t believe it’s real ’cause it’s literally happening in front of us, all around us. I cant wrap my mind around this idea that people don’t believe it’s real. Its weird. More ’cause the argument was weird, like funny. I couldn’t take it serious with the ‘games’ they claim.
    4. Well, I’m happy that this issues is taking the notice of the congress. It was about time people take it more seriously.

  5. 1. Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Climate Change
    2. The main idea of the whole article is how birth control should be accessible by women all around the world. They start off by saying how 4.2 million pregnancies are unintended, which then continues to relate our needs and how that impacts climate change and resources. For example, the article, Newman says
    “Population growth has an impact on climate-related pressures as diverse as land availability, access to water, deforestation and migration, which often occurs to coastal areas where vulnerability to climate change is very high.” With that being said, they’re trying to limit, or at least giving the choice to families limiting the size of their family, and stating the impacts of it.
    3. I found the quote, “We’re not talking about population control. We’re talking about giving people the choice to limit their family size and all the good things that go on from that”, funny because it just made me think that it’s a low key excuse and the government is behind it haha jk. But really,it just made me feel weird about it.
    4. As far as credibility goes, I would have to agree with Marianna. However, she did quote some experts and gave them credit. Maybe it was just an interview she had one on one, and that’s why there wasn’t any references on other articles. I say on a scale of 1-5, the credibility content is a 3. She could have used other references to compare to.

  6. 1. Expert say birth control acces key to climate change
    2. The main idea of the article is that birth control is something every women needs. In order to keep the population down they need it to have smaller familys and is something that all women should take.And can produce less imapct on climate change.
    3. My reaction at first was what does taking birth control have to do with climate change or any effects to it.
    4. I feel like this article it some what creditable don’t really think taken borth control can control climate change. I believe no matter what their is always alot more things changing climate not like birth control impacts anything less.

  7. 1. Experts say birth control access key to climate change
    2. The main idea of this article is how birth control can really make a difference toward climate change. The population is on the rise and as the world’s population grows the more chance there is toward water supply, land availability, migration, and deforestation.
    3. My initial reaction was that i was surprised from the title itself considering that birth control is far away from the subject of climate change but as I read i had a sense of knowing how it can help.
    4. I find this article to be credible due to what sources are involved

  8. Title: Inside the senates big vote on whether climate change is real
    They say that the climate has been always changing throughout the years and that there is no evidence that some of the climate change is due to the human activities.
    I was kind of confused because i though humans had a big cause to climate changing causing global warming.
    I think it was credible because we gets to see different thoughts about this

  9. 1.Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Climate Change
    2.The article talks about how women, birth control, and climate change can go hand in hand. If women take birth control, it will help “manage” the world’s population. This helps climate change because the less people there is then the fewer resources we need to use.
    3. Just like Alma said, the quote “We’re not talking about population control. We’re talking about giving people the choice to limit their family size and all the good things that go on from that” seems kinda iffy to me. If they aren’t controlling the population then what are they doing? In the very next paragraph it says, “Bringing together two politically contentious concerns – climate change and managing population growth – in an effort to build effective policy has been far from easy.” In my opinion, managing and controlling are the same thing. One just sounds worse than the other.
    4. Like everyone else said, I thought this was pretty credible at first. I mean it would make sense wouldn’t it? But after I read what Marianna said, it got me thinking. The author could have referred to other materials to make connections.

  10. Inside the Senate’s Big Vote on Whether Climate Change is Real or Not.

    This article talks about the 98-1 vote the senate undertook debating whether or not Climate Change is real. It is typical to think of republicans as anti-science because they previously would vote against contributing to help in GCC.
    My initial reaction was surprised because prior, politicians would reference biblical writing to support the idea of GCC as a natural phenomenon. This could mark the era of change.

    The article provided much eyeball witnesses in the senate thus making it a credible source.

  11. – Experts Say Birth Control Access Key To Curbing Climate Change
    -This article talks about that women all around the globe should have access to birth control. They say that if they have this access it will help prevent climate changes.If population growth continues to increase, then natural resources will decrease. Human activities are one of the main reasons why climate change in occurring, So they want to manage the population growth.
    – In the article is stated “We’re not talking about population control. We’re talking about giving people the choice to limit their family size and all the good things that go on from that”, if that’s not there intention then why write the article? I think every women out there knows that there is birth control to prevent them from expanding their family size.
    -This was a good source to read, but i don’t think i will use it as a reference .

  12. change_n_6603674.html
    Experts say birth control access key to curbing climate change
    What this basically is saying is that women around the world should be allowed access to birth control. By women having access to it, it will have a great impact on climate change.
    I would have to agree with them just trying to limit your family amount. It isn’t much of the population being affected but the family.
    I honestly sound this article interesting because i had never thought of it that way.

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