Blog Post 7: Due Friday, February 20

Find an article related to climate change that you feel includes a DEBATABLE topic. That is, a topic that not everyone may agree with. Then, post the following information about your article:

1) The title and link to the article online

2) A brief summary of the article

3) The author(s) name(s) and what you feel their purpose for writing the article may be

4) YOUR personal side to the debate and REASONING why you feel that way


13 responses to “Blog Post 7: Due Friday, February 20

  1. Title:Global warming & climate change
    This articles is about how people have there different beliefs about global warming. They think that nothing of this is really going to affect us. As shown in the article it says human are most responsible for this global warming.
    Justin Gillis purpose of this was probably for us to understand what is happening right now with global warming.
    I feel like global warming is really going to affect us because=use due to all the new technology being created will cause bad co2

  2. 1.) Many Cities Are Preparing For Climate Change, They Just Won’t Say So

    2.) This article talks about how some cities have taken action in preparing not for global warming or climate change but the purpose of being ready for any server storms. These cities that are preparing themselves, don’t necessarily believe in or don’t believe in climate change, consider warming merely part of nature’s historical cycle, claiming that there have always been server storms and there always will be.

    3.) John Flesher’s purpose, I suppose, is to bring in mind that should it really matter that global warming and/or climate change is happening in order to take action to be prepared for any server storm or disaster?

    4.) I believe that Flesher has a good point, we should be prepared regardless. It shouldn’t have to be until a tornado, flood, or any disaster to happen for us to take action upon it. We should all be prepared for any disaster regardless of the location: ready for snow or heat or rain. Better be safe than sorry. Addition to that, we should be caring for our earth anyways, it’s our only home, we should keep it clean as much as we can. It’s a worldwide chore, we have to take care of our earth, our home, all as one.

  3. Global Warming is Human Caused
    -Written by the National Wildlife Federation.
    Purpose is to inform us about the rising conflict of today, Global warming. The NWF informs us about the causes for Global warming (human impacts) & basically give us knowledge of the process of how CO2 is released in the atmosphere. This article is reminding us about the actions we humans are doing that are affecting our planet.
    – I honestly do believe humans are having a huge impact on the planet. The little things we are doing (releasing fossil fuels & such) is the main remain for CO2 & global temperature increase. Many believe global warming is a natural cause & is something that’s not really concerning us.
    – According to the article, “Scientists have concluded that most of the observed warming is very likely due to the burning of coal, oil, and gas.” This leads to a release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing it to get trapped & lead to an increase in temperature. The little actions we are doing is having a huge impact on the Earth.

  4. 1. Will Climate Change Worsen Ebola Outbreak?
    Link :
    2. This article concludes that Ebola can in fact be due to climate change. Fritz and Samenow gather that precipitation is involved as well as the aridity. The connection with the precipitation levels and Ebola are inconclusive because rainfall patterns are aggravating. Climate change has put agriculture on red which forces people to eat bats and other animals that withheld the disease. Climate change is indeed intertwined with the Ebola virus, but they’re still unsure of the causes or cures of Ebola.
    3. The authors of this article are Angela Fritz and Jason Samenow. Their purpose for entangling Ebola with Climate Change is to bring a possible cause to the table about Ebola.
    4. I believe that it is possible that Climate Change could have been a contributor to Ebola. As it states in the article, climate change does pose a threat to human health. Also, Ebola wouldn’t be the first harmful effect of climate change. Climate change has had a huge effect on diseases like Lyme Disease, Malaria, and many others ; who is to say that it isn’t a cause of Ebola as well?

  5. This is a test. This is simply a test. Hope this works, Carolyn! 🙂

  6. 1.Climate change responsible for super-charging winter storms, scientists say
    2. This article concludes that snow storms are being cause by global climate change. They believe that precipitation is a major factor. If there is enough precipitation and a decrease in temperatures, this may cause the snow storms. If there is an increase in temperatures, this may cause the droughts.
    3. (No authors listed) I think the purpose of writing this article was to explain how climate change is not only causing an increase in temperatures but it is also causing extreme winter storms.
    4. In my opinion, I think climate change is also responsible for the snow storms that we have currently been facing. If you think about it, 2014 was one of the hottest years on record, and now we’ve reached extremely cold temperatures near to those that we have not reached since 1904. If climate change is responsible for the hot temperatures then it should also be responsible for the blizzards.

  7. 1.
    2. This article talks about if humans are at fault for the cause of global warming. And how their is a controversy of whether or not humans are the main cause of it.
    3.(No author showen) I believe their purpose is to question peoples opinion based on the believe if humams are or aren’t the main cause of global warming.
    4. In my opinion use humans are at fault because we do great alot of greenhouse gases that affect the climate negativit. And we are not able to function with out the stuff we use that crate greenhouse admissions.

  8. 1. Many Cities Are Preparing For Climate Change, They Just Won’t Say So
    2. This articled on huff post talks about how there is some cities that have decided to take action in preparing themselves for severe storms. These cities that are preparing themselves dont believe in climate change or global warming. They consider them as a part of natures historical cycle, reinforcing that there has always been severe storms and always will be.

    3. There was a man in the article named: Josh Flesher’s. I believe his purpose for this was to realize whether or not global warming / climate change have to be an excuse to take upon action to prepare.

    4. I agree with Flesher. He made a point, which is true whether or not you feel that climate change / global warming exist or not we should be prepared regardless. We shouldn’t have to be preparing when a flood or any other type of disaster occurs for us to take action upon it. For example, we live in Chicago, much doesnt happen here so it really wouldnt apply to us. Earth is mother nature the least we can do is take care of it. Consider it as a worldwide chore, we have to take care of the planet we live on .

  9. 1.)

    Title: Senator Who Cited Snowball In Climate Change Debate Cites Scripture To Back Himself Up

    2.) The article was written based on Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma who cited a biblical verse in order to corroborate himself. Inhofe believes that God would not allow Global Climate Change to occur for he shall keep all seasons in exemplary condition.

    3.) The author, Ryan Grim, wrote this article not only to expose the senator and his beliefs but to expose the idea of religion being used to corroborate scientific findings and how cynical and ludicrous it is.

    4) Personally, the article not only made me laugh but it angered me. Being based on logic and reasoning (as well as faith that does not indulge in religious segments), I am flabbergasted at how a person of high political stance can be serious enough to use biblical reference in the world of science. I believe no senator should be allowed to do this. It’s madness!

  10. Let’s be honest – the global warming debate isn’t about science

    This article addresses the many aspects of global climate change. It not only emphasizes human activity as a major contributor to global climate change, but also ways in which the debate on whether human activity is or not has cause political issues globally. Legislature has been neglected because of the ignorance to the scientific facts stated by scientist, in regard to global climate change and why its happening. The author wrote this article to address conservatives. Conservatives are the ones who are ignorant to climate change, believing passing laws to help prevent global climate change will only result in harm economically, rather than recognizing the real environmental issue at hand. Global climate change is a bigger issue than we know. It needs to be paid attention to. Prevention may cost money, however there are efficient ways to cut off fossil fuels without detriment economically and while maximizing the economy instead. Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, all need to come together to address the real issue at hand, which isn’t political. The real issue is environmental and needs to be dealt with.

    Global Warming & Climate Change.
    Talks about different views of how people deal with climate gives us information with dates stated for we could understand more.
    The authors purpose would be to inform us of what’s happening with the environment due to global warming & climate change

  12. 1.Global Warming Turns Rainforest Leaves into Junk Food
    2. This article was about scientist who have been collecting leaves from trees and analyzing them. By analyzing the tree leaves they noticed that some contain fiber and less protein. It also stated that Leaf-e eating trees tend to pick leaves that are more nutritious to them. Also noticing that some monkeys have been disappearing, but why?
    3. Elizabeth Preston; I think her purpose for writing this article was maybe to let the people know that maybe in a couple of years we will be eating tree leaves just to get nutrition out of them.
    4. Well I think this article was kind of surprising to me because I would have never thought that some type of trees carry leaves with nutrition. I knew that animals do eat them as food, but for humans? I can’t really picture us eating leaves.

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