Blog Post 8: Due Friday, March 20th

Review the articles posted by your classmates for Blog 7. Choose ONE and post a response that includes the following:

1) Article title, author, publication date, and link

2) Which classmates’ post you are responding to and why you chose their article

3) A brief review of the article content

4) A reflection on whether (a) you feel this article contains a debatable topic and (b) your personal thoughts and response to the content of the article.


11 responses to “Blog Post 8: Due Friday, March 20th

  1. 1.) Will Climate Change worsen Ebola outbreaks?
    By Angela Fritz and Jason Samenow
    August 5, 2014

    2.) I’m responding to Marianna’s post. I picked this article because I found it interesting and I don’t anything about how disease spread or know anything much about Ebola. So I picked it to know more about it.

    3.) Well going on from Marianna’s summary, the connections between Ebola and Climate Change is uncertain, it is much more complex. It is unclear if there would be a change in Ebola outbreaks from just the precipitation patterns alone. It is also the concern of the source of animals people eat for food. Losing a source of food may bring people closer to infected animals. The disease is a concern since there is still a cure to look for.

    4.) I think this is very debatable, looking back at the article their are many comments their is debate already if Climate Change has any relationship with the spread of Ebola. Not everyone believes in Climate Change! So some people don’t believe that article. Some people debated about Ebola not being a concern in the first place, there had been much worse disease anyways.

    Well I’m honestly not sure if I can say I believe it. It is possible, since I do believe in global warming. But I think I need a bit more information about how disease spread around. But from what it stated in the article I would have to lean more towards believing that Climate Change does have a connection with Ebola outbreaks.

  2. Lamar batman Robinson
    I am responding to Erika’s text about the article the author is unknown so is the publication date
    I picked this article because it tells us the reason why global warming is happening its are fault and we need to change it if we don’t we gonna destroy it for the future generations
    I feel like the article is towards changing the habits of all the people of the world we need to stop are habits and do something about it

  3. Global warming is human caused
    No author name no pub date.
    I’m responding to Erika’s post I think global warming is being caused by human activity because we have so much new technology and a lot of bad transportation that cause bad co2 causing global temperature.

    The topic is debatable because as some researchers say that it isn’t being caused by humans they think it is being caused by other stuff

  4. 1.Global Warming Is Humans Caused
    2. Am responding to Erika’s post because I found it interesting on how humans are being blamed because of the rise of global temperatures.
    3.I believe they are pretty creditable. They provide information of climate and why the humans are being the caused.Also how humans oil, factory’s, and burning fossils are the cause of rising temperature.
    4. This article can be debatable because you can debate whether humans are of not the cause of rising temperatures .

  5. Will climate change worsen Ebola outbreaks?
    This is by Angela Fritz and Jason Samenow
    Published date: August 5, 2014
    I chose Marrianna’s blog post because I find the Ebola disease interesting, and I don’t really know anything about the disease, which I would like to know more about.
    Marianna is talking about how the precipitation has something to do with the whole Ebola disease and how it spreads. Marianna and the article also mention how scientists are unsure of the causes and cures and what not.
    I agree that it is debatable because I know that some scientists agree with the whole Ebola has something to do with climate and others have a different hypothesis.

  6. Carolyn G 5th Block

    1. Let’s be honest – the global warming debate isn’t about science

    2. I am responding to Tatyana’s post. I chose to respond to hers because the title caught my attention. I’m wondering how climate change isn’t a debate about science.

    3. Based on Tatyana’s summary, the article is about whether or not climate change and human activity has caused political problems. But that regardless of the answer, climate change isn’t a political issue, it’s an environmental issue that everyone needs to come together to resolve.

    4. I think this topic is debatable because everyone has their own opinion, it just depends on how people can back it up with evidence. I; however, do not believe that climate change is a topic of politics. Yes, it may impact many political issues but it is a topic related to science.

  7. By Angela fritz and Jason samenow
    2)I’m responding to Marianna’s post I picked this article because I found it interesting and very rare how everyone was scared and I want to learn more about it
    3)is unclear if there would be a change in Ebola outbreaks from just the precipitation patterns alone The disease is a concern since there is still a cure to look for.
    4.) I think this is very debatable, looking back at the article their are many comments their is debate already if Climate Change has any relationship with Ebola.some people don’t believe this article because people think it doesn’t have a relationship between those two types but then again the article saying and give you example that they do have a connection but I’m not really sure

  8. 1. Will Climate Change Worsen Ebola Outbreaks?
    2. I am responding to Marianna’s post. I find it interesting how ebola was such a huge deal a while back, just like climate change (global warming) is one of the biggest conflicts people are focusing on now.
    3. Based on Marianna’s summary, the connections between the two are complex. Weather conditions are affecting vegetation and agriculture, forcing humans to find other food measures. They’re eating animals that are prone to be affected with the disease, ebola. The article states, “According to a NASA analysis of meteorologic satellite data, Ebola outbreaks correlate with heavy rains at the end of a period of intense aridity. Extremely dry conditions force some fruit trees to defer fruiting. When the rains come and the stricken trees put out fruit, all manner of fruit-starved species, including Pteropus bats and apes, gather to feast.”
    It is for sure not certain whether climate change is the main reason for ebola outbreaks, but it’s for sure one of the factors. I believe there is more to this ebola dilemma and why or why not it spreads.

  9. 1. Many Cities Are Preparing For Climate Change, They Just Won’t Say So, John Flesher, September 8,2014,
    2. Paola M., I chose Paola’s article because the title had caught my attention, and I also wanted to know if Chicago was on of those cities.
    3. According to Paola’s brief summary, the article was about cities taking action for serve storms, not climate change or global warming. These cities that are preparing themselves for serve storms don’t really believe in climate change. Everyone knows that serve storms are always going to be around and we can’t prevent that from happening.
    4. I think this topic is kind of datable because some people do believe in climate change and others don’t, I guess it depends on how they back up their point of view.

  10. 1.) Global Warming Controversy

    2.) I am responding to Jocelyn’s article. It centrals around the idea of Global Warming and GCC being a realistic phenomenon. I chose this article because this debate of whether GCC is actually occurring has been going on since the idea was first brought up and skeptics use illogical reasoning against this idea.

    3.) A lot of the debate involves the idea of “historical” science. Because scientists primarily assess prehistoric data that is thousands of years old, skeptics argue that GCC is naturally occurring and not at all human-induced. Religious fanatics quote verses from the new/old testament to refute scientists’ reasoning. It seems to be politicians who have argue against Global Warming- their ideas are grounded upon economics!

    4.) This is not a debatable topic. Although itself is a debate, using biblical references as “evidence” is not corroborating a position. Thus, this cannot be considered a “legitimate” topic to debate.

  11. Jessica Cardoza Global warming is human cause.
    I’m responding to Eduardo’s post. I chose Eduardo’s post due to the fact that I would wanna know what we humans are doing that is affecting global warming.
    I have read before that by transportation, the fuel fossil releases carbon dioxide. So with photosynthesis, wouldn’t it be bad to have extra CO2?
    This article is useful because it does let us know what we are doing and in order to change this, we need to change.

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